Khim sokheang born in 1981 at kompong cham province. my father is name Put khim and my mother is name Naem Lang. i have 7 brothers and 1 brother and 1 sisters. I am the thrift in my family brother 3 and 1 sister -To 1991-1996 when i have 10 year old i am study at Wat Syabong Veng primary school Baray commune Sreysonthor District Kompong Cham province -1996 I was became a novice study Buddhist Wat phouthiyeakhungkearam prekdombok sreysonthor kompong cham province -1997 study at wat kpob primary kpob commune saeng District kondal province primary school -1999-2001 study at Wat Trea sor High school (Kompong cham province) -2002-2004 study at Wat mohatheat thanpreahchan preahnakkorn Bongkok Mohachulalongkorn High school(Thailand) -2005-2008 study at Bachelor Degree of Economice at Mohachulalongkorn Univerty in (Thailand) -Present: Master candidate of management at Royal University of law and Economics (RULE) (Phnom penh) in Cambodia



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